First Pet Care Shop in Durg-Bhilai

About Us

Shyam Pet Shop started out by buying and selling its first puppies from 1988 onwards to friends and family . Pets are taken care well, we ensures and provide our pets a healthy, clear and safe environment to grow them up by mentally as well as physically. By fulfilling all their requirements we give our pets a fine learning approach that helps our clients to teach their pets & puppies in an easy way.

If you are looking for a suitable pet for your home, we will help you out to guide the best and suitable pet for your family, which surely will bring happiness in your home. Being a trusted breeder, we always ensure the quality of the breed and give you the best option to bring happiness for your home at a very reasonable price range.

Enjoy visiting our entire website for additional information. We update constantly and will be adding new features and information (and lots of adorable pictures) in the coming weeks. Be sure to visit the photo gallery too! And submit the pics of your breeds.

Greetings and thank you for visiting Shyam Pet Shop. Our home based facility is located in Durg. Here we lovingly raise quality, beautiful, loved, cherished and adored puppies. Our dogs and puppies are monitored and handled, constantly and with lots of tender loving care. We pride ourselves in spoiling each and every one of our little cuties before they ever reach your home. We love the responses when their wiggly-tailed bundles of fluffs are received and we have plenty more for special animal lovers like you.

Each and every one of our happy canines are fed the very best, Iams & Royal canine pedigreed foods. We are constantly current on our upkeep such as vaccinations and dewormings and with our continual monitoring and routine checkups, our veterinarians are kept busy and are part of the family. Each and every puppy is given a health exam with a stamp of approval prior to being received in every new home !.